Send in your film for Incubate open source film!
Jantien Borsboom


This year, the Incubate film program goes open source as well. Last year we already made a start by playing the re-cut trailers and edits of existing movies in the Pirate film program, but this year we go beyond that. This year anybody can submit their video work to us for a place on the big screen. Your work can be part of the official program of Incubate 2011.

Are you an independent movie maker? A visual artists who uses film and video or animation? Do you make your own little documentaries or make small clips or movies for songs you really like? Do you like to re-edit existing films, make sweded versions of films or are you a film enthusiast in any way? Then we call on you to give us something to play in the open source film program during the Incubate festival.

You can send an email to [email protected] if you have something you want to screen, she will get back to you with a form you have to fill out and we'll take it from there. Deadline for sending in your work is June 20th 2011 and the definite selection will be made before July 4th 2011.

Films or clips cannot be longer than 60 minutes, other than that, we have no rules, except that we prefer you be present for your own screening. If this is not possible or if you are not around in Tilburg during the festival, you can still send in your work.

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